WOOHOO! I now have my own blog up and running! This is going to be fun! I’m taking a break from my current crochet WIP to create this blog. I belong to the Crochet Partners Yahoo! group and all of the talk about blogging convinced me to create my own. I’m currently making cradle purses for my two girls, who are both currently sick with colds. I’m about 70% finished with the first one after only about an hour of work, so I should be able to complete both before the evening is over. I’ve also got to make more squares for my aunt-in-law’s Christmas present. I’ve got a total of three afghans to make as presents and if I don’t get started now, I might not make it! We’re having the in-laws for this Christmas here in Vegas, so I wanted to surprise them with a great present. The guys, which there are the most of in the family, might be lucky to get a stocking, unless someone has a suggestion as to what to make a bunch of 30-something brother-in-laws!


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