Productive Weekend

I was determined to make significant progress on Laura’s outfit, and I did. I finished her skirt, although I haven’t finished off because I’m not too sure I like the length. As it is right now, it’s pretty short. I’m about a third of the way through the top and when it’s finished, I’ll let her try both on and we’ll decide then.

I’ve lost my voice because my allergies have run amok with the pollen counts through the roof here in Vegas. The girls picked up on this really fast and have managed to wreak havoc on the house because mommy could barely talk above a whisper. Andy was a wonderful husband and let me sleep in this morning while he and the girls picked up the rest of the house. When given the opportunity, he can be a very sweet man.

My goal for tomorrow is to pick out a pattern for my crochetville crochetalong project. I’m debating about designing my own pattern. If I should time it, playing with a unique design might take up less time than searching for free 12″ square patterns on the internet! Tomorrow by this time, I will either have my own square or one picked out. Might have to head back to Joann’s for more yarn…… 🙂


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