Insomnia must end!

I would love to fall asleep before one in the morning sometime soon! Grumble, grumble, grumble…

I attempted to create my own 12″ square for the crochetville pillowghan crochetalong, but failed. I managed to create a very cute hexagon, so I’m keeping it safe for a future project. I have chosen my colors – red, white, and blue, and I’m going to do the pineapple pattern. If I don’t attempt the pineapple pattern now, I will forever want to try it, but won’t, so here we go!

My girls are going through one of their gremlin stages. They’ve completely destroyed their room in just under an hour while I cleaned my room. Evil little boogers. At least the mega-gremlin (Laura) helps when I pick up. I have to bribe her with stickers for being a helper, but the more she helps and learns where her things are kept, the better. Their room is the most organized room in the house, so it’s the easiest to clean. They morph into gremlins when the hubby has to devote more time to law school, so there’s probably a connection between loss of daddy time and their gremlin morphing. My mom’s coming for a visit in 2 1/2 weeks and they always return to normal after a “Mimi” visit, so I’m counting down the days. I want to take them to the park, but it’s 90 degrees and the pollen count is over 34,000, so we’re staying inside to be able to breathe. I think we’ll put off our weekly library trip for a few days until I can predict their moods. I couldn’t wait to borrow another crochet book for ideas, but the library doesn’t approve of gremlins, even girl ones.

The mini-gremlin is napping and the mega-gremlin is playing quietly with her Barbies, so I’m going to get off the computer and take advantage of this and finish a square or two.


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