Crochetville crochetalong

I finally began the crochetville crochetalong project today. I have made one 12″ pineapple square out of 28. I’ve found myself online more than usual lately, and for once, it hasn’t been searching for crochet patterns! I’ve gotten back in contact with some old friends over the past few days. My ten-year high school reunion is approaching and I’m in the mood to renew friendships. It’s also making me homesick …missing Texas…. Okay, back to crochet!

I’m in the mood to make myself some funky summer crochet items, but I’m going to force myself to complete at least one project before I begin my pattern or yarn search. I really want a peasant-type or empire-cut top made from cotton yarn for myself and would love to design my own, but since I’ve never done something quite that ambitious (wearables), I think I might need to see if I can find a few on my own. I’m almost tempted to go buy something that I like the style of and base a pattern off of it. I really should make a list of all of this…

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