Summer Fun

I got the shakes last night from not crocheting all day. Ever had that happen? Hard to explain, but it really happened! I was in the mood to start a new project and not work on one that was ongoing, so I had to search for a new pattern. I found a pattern for an adorable watermelon dress for my Maddie, knew I had red cotton yarn so I could at least start it, and then, it hit me. I roamed around in a frenzy looking for the yarn and then looking for my “G” hook. I know I have three, but only managed to find one (in the bathroom magazine basket, don’t know how it got there, not going to ask!). I was fidgety until I sat down and started crocheting. Then, everything was calm and right in the world. 🙂

But, the whole time I’m running around looking for my supplies to satisfy my addiction, Andy’s playing baseball on the GameCube asking me what was wrong with me. When I said I couldn’t find my hook, he goes, “Oh, your knitting stuff. Of course.” MEN! l tell him every day that I crochet and he insists on calling it knitting! Then he had the nerve to tell me that knitting stitches are prettier and I’d better never make him anything unless it’s knitted. See, I was ready to try out a knitting class at my LYS, then he had to go and say that. Now out of spite, I’m going to put off trying out knitting just for a little bit longer. AND, I’m going to make another silly crochet project that drives him up the wall. I made a crocheted liquid soap dress for the kitchen so he’d have to see every day what I’m capable of making and placing all over the house if he’s not careful.

So, here’s my progress on the watermelon dress..

  • And here’s my pineapple square in navy…

  • The plan tomorrow is to head to my Joann’s superstore after church. I went to both of my closest craft stores today and both have the worst selection of yarn. So, the superstore it is because I just must have my own Patons Divine yarn… I’m thinking about making a red pashmina-looking scarf out of it….


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