Went to Laura’s soccer practice today. I may be able to blame it on I’ve-got-a-paper-due-in-two-weeks stress, but the other moms (with the exception of one who I think is becoming a good friend) at practice really irritated me today. The coach’s wife when she saw me in the past crocheting at practice said, “You’re so funny. Always making stuff.” It’s as if I’m this quirky little mom that no one has to take seriously or talk to. I had an assignment for my class due today so I brought my textbook with me to practice tonight and again, it’s like they think it’s so cute, Laura’s mom’s taking a college class. I’m SO glad we’ve decided to put Laura into ballet after this season. We tried to de-princess-ize her a little with soccer, but she still begs to take dancing and wear a tutu.

In other news, Andy was invited to a “lawyers only” gathering at one of the firm partner’s home tomorrow evening. That sounds so pretentious. It’s really just a “come over and have a beer” type gathering, but only the lawyers and future lawyer (Andy) were invited. This means that annoying, pretends-to-be friend legal secretary won’t be there. Andy’s quite excited about that.

Yuck, that was a lot of ranting. But, my irritated mood seems to be lifting. I think I’m going to go sit, watch “The Rundown” with The Rock with the hubby, and crochet a little to further return to my normal silly ol’ self…. 🙂


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