Busy weekend

I believe that today is the first time in my life that I am happy to say “Thank God it’s Monday.” The weekend started out okay until I went to the wedding shower of a friend/ex-co-worker. Everyone there was from work and after being free from all of them for 11 months, I thought it would be nice to see them again. With the exception of the bride-to-be and my former district manager, I was wrong. They haven’t changed and I have returned to my formal low-stress fun self so it was not that much fun at all. ACK! Just being around them caused my face to break out! (That is the panic setting in as I feel two pimples on my face.)

I managed to get some decent crocheting done this weekend though. 🙂 I completed two squares for my Crochetville pillowghan crochetalong. I also started on my Lion Brand Magic Tweed Poncho, which I’m excited about. The colors are really bright and I think perfect for summer evenings out…. That’s wishful thinking. We never go out because living 1000 miles from the closest relative means paying for a babysitter, so those occasions are few. I am going home to Texas at the end of May, so will definitely be bringing it with me then to show off. 🙂


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