63 Squares

I couldn’t stand it any longer, I had to begin the 63 squares crochetalong. I finished 1.5 squares last night while watching Timeline, which by the way, is a pretty good movie. I loved the book by Michael Crighton and couldn’t wait for the movie. Now, to refresh my memory, I’m going to read the book again. Back to the squares! I’m working on the dreaded #4 – Treble crochet right now. So far, I don’t mind it near as much as I despise making a 7″ square of sc. I love the look of the sc, but I hate repeating it over the course of a square. That’s probably why I’ve had guage/finishing problems with it.

I’ve also started a little design project that I hope to submit to Crochet Me when I’m done. It’s been pretty fun thinking up a project from scratch. 🙂

I just had a strange experience. My 21 month old, Maddie, just harrassed me until I cleaned the cat’s litter box. When I finished, she did a little grin at Buffy, as if saying, “I told you I’d get her to do it.” Since we clean it every other day anyway, it’s not as if it was needed, but Maddie decided everything must stop until Buffy’s potty was clean! I think that almost 2-year olds are really mini-Mussolinis. Everything is not right in the world unless they are ruling.


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