New buttons

I played around last night and came up with these new buttons. Feel free to swipe at will!

I also bought myself a pair of knitting needles, size 8, yesterday, drug out my knitting instructions and am currently working on getting my cast on and knit stitches a little more even before I attempt to post a picture. I was a little concerned about my ability to knit, being that I’m so left-handed/oriented that I wasn’t sure if my right hand could handle a needle to itself. It’s not near as hard as I once feared! 🙂 My crochet hook was feeling left out though by the evening, so I finished another square for my 63 squares afghan. I also talked to my grandmother yesterday and told her that I was making her a pillowghan, so I’d better get working on that one too. I have until the end of May to finish it so that I can take it with me to Texas.


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