Soo Tired

I finished Square #11 in the 63 squares CAL, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. It’s the Horizontal Relief stitch, with alternating rows of FPDC and BPDC. I don’t mind the front posts, but I absolutely detest the back posts, it hurts my wrist. And I love making things using the basketweave stitch, so I’m doomed to torture myself forever with that d&*n stitch.

I started the Cluster Square (#17 I believe) while watching my newest DVD to my collection – Master and Commander:The Far Side of the World, starring Russell Crowe. As a lover of history, my particular favorite period is the Regency period of the 19th century, so I love this movie. It’s also adding to my secret Russell Crowe movie collection. It’s not really secret anymore though. Andy was browsing through our DVD’s and says, “You know, we really have a lot of Russell Crowe movies.” So, I was found out, but we’re even because I just let him renew his subscription to “Maxim” for two years.

I’ve been watching Nashville Star on Saturdays and the one who should win, George Canyon, resembles Juaquin Phoenix so much that every Saturday night I want to watch one of his movies. I’ve fought the urge so far, but this Saturday Andy will be studying late for his law school finals, which means Tiff will be home alone and he won’t be able to watch SportsCenter for baseball scores to games he already knows the outcome to or worse, watch the repeat of the game he watched earlier in the day. Oh! Never have a baby in a Las Vegas hospital because they have ESPN available on the delivery room TV and in between contractions all I can remember is hearing baseball stats.

Enough rambling – my lack of sleep is showing in my writing. I’m up way past my bedtime and too close to the girls’ wakeup time. Until tomorrow!

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