Silly Story

The girls and I have been playing all afternoon with their pop-up tent and dress up clothes. Maddie’s currently wearing a red bandana wrapped around like a sarong over her diaper. She’s been running around the house wearing this bandana and giggling like crazy. About an hour ago while we were in the midst of “hop on mommy”, Laura opened the front door and Maddie ran outside with my extra car key, wearing this crazy bandana, mind you. I go chasing after her with half of my hair coming out of my scrunchie, clothes probably messed up from playing, and barefoot. I catch up to her at the car, where she’s trying to stick the key in the door, so I barely saved the paint job. Right then I look up and our neighbors across the street are sitting outside watching the whole thing. I can just imagine their conversation about the crazy woman carrying a bandana-wearing, giggling toddler back to the house.

I think I’ve worn them out enough playing that they might go to bed about an hour early. More crochet time for me. šŸ™‚


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