Shopping Trip

I went to World Market today searching for my own Bert the Knitting Sheep, but they didn’t have one! I also quit looking once I found this adorable tabby cat:

He looks a little like Garfield with a hint of an English butler. I need a good name for him, so hopefully by tomorrow he’ll have one. 🙂 I’m using his tail to hold a picture of the girls sitting in the Houston Astros’ dugout. I’m hoping the girls bring a little luck to Andy Pettitte, who returns to the lineup tomorrow. My older brother played with Pettitte in high school so it’s exciting to have him back home. Of course, Roger Clemens being back is the next greatest thing. 🙂 Notice the AFLAC duck? He’s in temporary exile. There’s only so much “aflac, AFLAC, A-F-L-A-C!!!!!!!!” yapping I can take from him.

I finished another square last night – the granny square (can’t remember the number right now). I hope to make a few more today. I’ve decided to turn my pillowghan squares into pillows for my bed instead of an afghan. I’m going to give my 63 squares to my grandparents. I’ve enjoyed making every square, and every square will have a story of its own when I complete it. That is something that I want to share with the greatest people in my life.


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