I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. I spent most of my day cleaning the house. I think it was because my stepmom called and she’ll be visiting (with my dad, of course – things might be a little fishy if she came to Vegas by herself. šŸ™‚ ) in two weeks. Just the idea that family will be visiting in so short of time gets be panicky about cleaning. We have friends from our college days visiting next weekend and I’m not near as worried about the house. I even organized under my kitchen sink. I’ve lost my mind!!!

I worked on my Magic Stripes poncho today and am probably about 1/3 through. It’s going pretty fast now that I’ve figured out the pattern. I finished five rows today. I hope to work on it more over the weekend since Andy’s working on his second to last final for this semester. I can’t wait to have my husband back for three months at least, and then it starts all over again. One more year and then I’ll be married to a lawyer. Okay, a little tangent here but talking about Andy made me think about it.

I went to New Orleans the summer before I met Andy and my mom and I visited one of the psychics that set up shop around Jackson Square. She told me the usual happy stuff, marriage, kids, etc. She also told me that I would meet my husband on a certain day in October, he would be 6′ tall with blue eyes, he would be a lawyer, and we would have a certain number of kids (don’t remember the number, hopefully no more than the two I have!). So, I went back to college for the fall and on the appointed day, I didn’t meet anyone special, BUT I remember seeing this weirdo hanging out in front of the student center. He had long bushy hair and a disgustingly long goatee. I told my friends that I don’t care who I ended up with as long as it wasn’t that freak.

A few weeks later, this new guy showed up with short hair and a goatee of a correct short length. After we’d been dating for a few months, he showed me some of his old photo albums and there was this picture of that weird guy! Of course, it was him. One very late night, his frat buddies had shaved his head. And six years later, I’m married to the very same man meeting all of the qualities that the psychic told me I would find.

I’ve got an original design waiting for a decent picture so that I can submit it to Crochet Me. Here’s a pic of Laura modeling it. She picked out the colors, I created a pattern mixing the two yarns. I made it in four sections – one fuzzy, one big and loopy, and then repeated. It works great for little girls.


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