Must blog….

I went yarn shopping today at a Michael’s close to A’s work and expanded my Sugar N’ Cream collection with a few new colors for dishcloths for the swap. I also picked up a bit of Patons Grace to make a skullie for me from FamilyCircle’s Easy Crochet. The girl in the picture is at the beach and since I’m planning on a few trips to Galveston Island while I’m in Houston, I thought I might need one of my own. But first, I must finish my poncho! I have seven rows to go and I know that with a little work tonight I can finish tomorrow and then block it.

We might go listen to this seventies cover band at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay on Friday night and if so, the poncho will be just the thing, simply because it’s inside and air conditioned. 🙂 I hate this time of year in Vegas when it starts to get hot because it’s such a nice heat that you really want to enjoy and then, BAM! it’s 115 degrees before you know it and it’s not that enjoyable any more. Tons more enjoyable than a hot humid day though.

One freak thing about the dry heat of Vegas though – when you’re near a water source, the air cools considerably here. Thus, outdoor places typically have misters going. I LOVE watching the Bellagio water ballet when the Pink Panther plays because it begins with a fog that floats toward you and is deliciously cool. One interesting Vegas tidbit – if you happen to catch the water ballet and the Pink Panther is in the song rotation, pay close attention to the lights on the Bellagio – they switch to pink during the song.


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