I love my honey

Not only did I get to sleep in today (and with a cranky teething child, no less!), but I was also given free reign in my Borders bookstore as my Mother’s Day present. I picked out this:

Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll. It picks up right after the wedding of Elizabeth Bennett to Fitzwilliam Darcy. Now I know exactly what I’ll be doing after my final on Wednesday – reading like crazy. 🙂

I also made my first visit to an unbelievable thrift store right in downtown Vegas, baby. I caught sight of the yarn bins, with yarn marked 99 cents each. I chose to grab a bag of yarn that was sitting on top of some gnarly 70’s brown yarn. I take a quick glance through and see a Lion Brand label so I decide to go for it. I take the bag to the front and the lady says, “How about $1.99. Sound good?” Hmmm…. What should I say? Should I dance a little jig of joy? I nod my head yes. I get to come home with this:

Lion Brand Jiffy in Denver Print and Black (w/some 80’s patterns on labels)
Sofil Concorde (from France so dusting off old French lessons) – 50% acrylic, 45% wool, & 5% vinyon (not sure what that is!) in a dark beige color
Bernat Astrakhan yarn – 60% wool/40% mohair in Beige and marked “Permanently Moth Proofed” – what does that mean?!?
Unger Foliage – 82% wool/18% acrylic in “AM” a pretty rose verigated mohair look
Phentex Mohair in “Candy Floss” – a very pale pink
Bernat Sweety – 80% acrylic/10% mohair/10% wool – in Caramel
I also have 7 other skeins in mohair or boucle with no labels.

I have successfully added to my stash for no reason at all and have no idea what to make from this yarn. I’ve never felt so good about a yarn purchase. 🙂

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