I have my final tomorrow and have I been studying? No. I’ve been crocheting, of course! I have been reviewing my notes, but I’ve never known the proper way to study for a Literature course. I’ve read all of my assignments and all of the lecture notes, so now I’m just reviewing my notes and lecture notes, in between blog posting, ebay searching, crocheting Vicki’s bucket hat, and listening to Roger Clemens get his 7th straight win for the Astros. Oops! I forgot! I was also dealing with a toddler recovering from three nasty days of teething and a 4-year old with a very nasty bug. They both improved incredibly, amazingly right at 6 p.m. when A arrived home from work. Pooh on him. Here’s a pic of M modeling the bucket hat (which fits Laura perfectly and not me!) made from Red Heart’s Casual Cot’n. It needs blocked tomorrow.

In other news…
Talked to my mom and brother last night. I seem to call more as a trip home approaches. I found out exciting news about my mom’s upcoming 50th bday (reason we’re going home) but I can’t write about it just-in-case she reads this. I doubt it, but I am always ruining suprises so I’m keeping the lips sealed. It’s not a surprise party, it’s a gift that’s a big surprise. đŸ™‚ Also, my brother is relocating to San Diego the first of June. That will be fun to have him so close.


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