Sigh of Relief

I feel like my final went well. I am so glad I don’t have to read Middle English ever again. I even sold my textbook on my way off campus to avoid having to look at sitting on my bookshelf. The worst part is I can read it so fast now that I’m tempted to read Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales this summer in its original form. Thank goodness I have about 5 other books to read first!! I should lose the temptation by then.

In crochet news, I’m making my first chenille project. So, girls, go out and look for Lion Chenille because there’s the cutest little handbag pattern on the skeins. I’m making my handbag in purple, chosen by L, of course. This shall be her Mimi’s birthday present from her. (She calls my mom “Mimi”. I tried to call Mom’s SO “Pipi” so they would match, but instead it’s more of a French version – PePe, like Pepe le Peu.) I wanted to make her a red handbag, but L reminded me that Mimi’s fave color is purple. I also purchased another skein of the Casual Cot’n so that I can make Vicki’s bucket hat in my big head size.

There is a scarf pattern in my FamilyCircle’s Easy Crochet called Wrap Star that I so want to make, but it calls for 2 skeins Lorna’s Laces Yarns Helen’s Lace. The price per skein is $44 at Patternworks. YIKES! If anyone knows of where to find this yarn cheaper, or what would be an equivalent, you would completely make my day.


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