We have this running joke in my family that we’re not officially “shopaholics” until my daughter, L, calls you one. Thank goodness she had too much fun petting the yarn at my LYS today to notice that mommy has been one this week. I left the store with only this –

– but, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to leave with much, much more!!

Here’s my progress on the Mimi’s birthday present –

I should be finished with it in a few days. I really like this dark purple chenille, but it’s almost too dark to see the stitches well. So far, I’ve been very diligent about marking my rows and such and haven’t had to frog. ECK! I’ve probably just doomed myself to a huge frogging!!

My newest adventure

I’ve finally taken out my sewing machine that I begged my family for for years. This is my first project – a funky set of pj pants in pink flamingos.

My poor little crochet hooks aren’t happy with me spending my quiet time (mini-mini-diva’s naptime) sewing instead of crocheting, but those flamingos were calling to me….


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