I’m an official Crochet Me Contributor now! My button is somewhere on the right, I believe under “Join us!”. That title’s really starting to sound like we’re in a cult, might have to change it soon…

On what was intended as a slow weekend quickly became a busy one. We went to some friends’ house for a barbeque Friday night. Laura was very concerned about going because her friend, J, was a boy and he would only have “boy toys”. I convinced her instead of packing an entire bag of her dolls and such that maybe one doll would be enough. As soon as she saw J’s playroom, that poor little doll was dropped to the ground and forgotten for the entire time we were there. Today was Laura’s last soccer game of the season and I completely forgot my camera at home! She really wants to take ballet next, but I think I might wait another year until we move out of Vegas and just put her in a bunch of fun classes at our community center for now. We barbequed ourselves tonight and Andy’s been playing his guitar since. I just want to stay home tomorrow and not do a thing, well, except for read a little and crochet. I only have three more days to finish mom’s birthday present! (I can’t mention what it is again because in my excitement over the scarf, I emailed her the link to the pattern, thus the link to this blog. So Mom, if you read this, don’t read any other posts until AFTER your birthday.)


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