I’m back!

I think the worst part of a vacation are the days after your return home. I don’t think I’ve had a moment to sit and relax yet, much less crochet something. I’ve also started summer school, which is keeping my evenings busy. The DH has the summer off from law school, which has given me the opportunity to take my classes on campus. I’ve conveniently scheduled my classes so that he has to do the girls’ bedtime routine.

I’ve started a granny square afghan in Red Heart camoflauge yarn for my cousin. He even asked me to show him how to crochet, so I promised him on my next visit, we’ll squeeze in a lesson or two. I’ve been working with his twin sister (they’re 11) and she’s been making flowers and scrunchies for her friends. Instead of working on the projects I brought with me, I made a gameboy holder (see pic below) and started the afghan. I might have accomplished more if we didn’t get massive thunderstorms every evening, knocking out the power. I do not miss thunderstorms any more. I like my nice cloud-free dry summer days in the desert.

Since I’m living in a very disorganized state right now, I’m creating a must do list for my summer crocheting. I’ll update every Monday. I’m also putting myself on a non-official yarn diet. Like regular dieting, if I start one officially, I either (a) get pregnant or (b) gain weight. I guess I gain weight either way, huh? Being that I’ve lost 15 lbs. (one child’s baby weight down, one to go) on a non-official, watch what I eat diet, I should be able to avoid buying yarn for a while. So, here goes my list….

Summer Crocheting “Must-Do List”
(1) Finish 2 squares a week for the 63 squares CAL
(2) Finish J’s granny square afghan by end of June
(3) Finish and mail off Crochetville Swap dishcloths by end of June
(4) Finish Aunt D’s afghan by Labor Day
(5) Complete 1 pair of socks by August
(6) Make myself something special; choose pattern by end of June
(7) Make a list of incomplete projects and make an effort to complete them


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