My ebay addiction has returned. I won two auctions yesterday and have the highest bid on two auctions today. I’ve got to compensate my addiction by selling more of my surplus things (ha! surplus = junk). I’m really attracted to vintage patterns right now, especially kitchen items. My secret pal has provided me with a few vintage patterns that I can’t wait to make. I also found a 1908 Knitting & Crochet book that I would love to have, but the quality of the book doesn’t seem that great,so I’ve passed on the bidding. I have a 1908 American History book that is my most prized used book and a crocheting book from the same year would be an absolute treasure. I collect leatherbound and rare books as a hobby, a much neglected hobby that is. One day, I’m going to have a library with built-in bookshelves lined with all of my collected books. It’s going to have two leather reading chairs and maybe a big desk….The walls will be green and I’ll probably go with wood blinds….There will be framed examples of my crochet, of course. One day…


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