Where to begin?

I have so many projects that I want to start it’s driving me bonkers! I’ve been inspired by a few members at to make a headband from granny squares. I’m thinking of making one out of my thread stash. My hair’s layered so if I wanted to use a headband I’d have to go thinner in width to avoid looking like a dork. 🙂

I’ve just embarrassingly realized that I have not worked on my 63 squares in over a month. I believe I need to add the final round of edging to my 11th square (not Square #11 – I’m working randomly). I also have less than 6 months to make two afghans for Christmas gifts. I would like to make stockings for the in-laws for Christmas as a “thank you” for coming to our house for Christmas, but I’ve got to finish those afghans first. A “thank you” gift for invading my home at Christmas?!?! I must be losing my mind, you must be thinking. As long as they praise my cooking as much as they typically do on visits, they shall remain in my good graces.

On a final note, it is time to sign up for Crochetville’s Autumn Secret Pal swap! Please visit Crochetville if you would like more information about joining or email me (see link in sidebar). Plus, look at our cute little button, designed by Donna!


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