After too much piddling with my brim, I finally finished my bucket hat creation.  As soon as I double check my pattern and such I’ll post it if anyone’s interested.  Here’s a quick pic I took of myself modeling my hat.  Once I get the pattern written up, I’ll post a much better picture, I promise!

Here’s the yarn I used, GGH Samoa, along with a pair of beautiful knitting needles waiting to be used by my novice self.

The husband and I are sitting together at the kitchen table tonight listening to a variety of songs on the laptop. I’m the DJ, or else I would be tortured into constant repeats of Ryan Adams. Right now as Coldplay’s “Clocks” come to a close, he’s requesting Ryan Adams. I have chosen Brian Setzer’s version of Malaguena for the Once Upon a Time in Mexico soundtrack. La Malaguena is an absolute fabulous song to hear played – it might have influenced me to marry Andy, especially since he plays it for me regularly. 🙂

Because my daughter’s afghan is calling me to be worked on and Andy would really like to be in control of the music, I’m going to end this before I continue on babbling. But first, look at my courageous kitty, posing for my little photographer, Laura.


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