Guilty Pleasures

After my Philosophy class tonight, I headed straight for Borders bookstore to buy myself a new book. I’m celebrating the end of summer school three nights early. 🙂 My intention was to buy a crochet book, but my Borders was seriously lacking in that category. The shelves were stocked with knitting books of every size and shape, but the crochet books were hard to find, stuck in strange places in the crafting section. So, instead of splurging on one of the many crochet books on my wish list, I bought a novel, Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton.

This book was originally released in 1993 and is the first in a series of books about Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. I told myself I was going to do a little light Jane Austen reading this summer and what do I do? I buy a book about vampires. Strange little cookie am I.

I finally figured out my purse pattern for C’ville‘s bag along. I only have to sew it together tomorrow and I’ve got a fuzzy new purse. Thank goodness. My summer purse has about reached its limit. Rebecca found me a few cool patterns to use with this ebay purchase and a set of bamboo handles. Andy doesn’t like it when I buy new purses, so this is my way around it. Now, when he asks where the new purse came from, I can tell him I made it. The yarn is from Over the Rainbow Yarns.

I now feel more sympathetic for my girls when they get a busted lip. Maddie, my 2 year old, woke me up this morning with a nice head butt (preferable to her “roll over and kick mom in the face” move) to the mouth giving me a bloody lip. She likes to crawl into our bed in the morning for snuggles, but usually is a little antsy to start the day, thus the rolling around at the expense of mom’s body.


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