Interweave Crochet

I finally picked up the special Crochet edition of Interweave Knits on Tuesday. I agree with Kim, it is so nice to see non-fuzzy crochet patterns. Everything is a wearable or accessory, which is my latest craze and I could see myself making most of the patterns. I will probably be starting with the Color Splash Handbag in Lion Brand Colorwaves. I’m considering doing the Tapestry Crochet bag one day, but it will have to move to the 2005 wish list.

I started the pink scarf for C’ville’s Scarf Swap. I’m using a stitch from the 63 Stitches book. I’m hoping it gets me motivated to get going on it again. I’ve decided against making an afghan for my in-laws for Christmas. I’m going to try to make a shawl or scarf for them instead. It’s quicker and I will be able to get more presents made that way. I’m developing an attitude that if I can’t make them something, they’re not getting anything, which could come back to haunt me! The one sister-in-law (brother-in-law’s wife) will not receive anything handmade because she knits and scoffed at my crochet on her last visit and she will just have to oogle everyone else’s presents as punishment for such attitude.

I am 6 rows from completion on my Simple Cloche hat from my Hip to Crochet book. I love the look, but it seems a little big, so I’m waiting anxiously to see what it looks like on. I won’t try it on until I finish it because I would be tempted to frog and there will be no frogging in this house today!! 🙂 I’ll be starting a purse of some sort next, or a shawl. “They” (the local meteorologists)keep saying that the weather will be cooling off soon, but I’m not buying it. Today it was only 102. Bleh. Maybe if I make a few winter wear items, the weather gods will bless us early with our deliciously cool desert winter.

I leave you with a picture of Buffy being bothered by a pesky tribble. They seem to multiply quite easily…. especially when family visits the Star Trek themed area of the LV Hilton. 😉


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