Wild for Ribbon

I picked up a bit of Lion Brand’s new ribbon yarn, Incredible, the other day and started making the scarf pattern that was on the label. I am in love! This ribbon is soft, smooth, gorgeous (I’m using Autumn Leaves), and incredibly easy to work with. This is the first scarf that I’ve made that progresses lengthwise and I think I like it. Here’s a picture of my progress so far (ha! I’m on the first row.). The picture is not a good one. I’m fighting off a massive headache, so decided to stay put in my comfy office chair in lieu of relocating to the living room.

My partner in Crochetville’s scarf swap might just be getting this one instead of the pink one I began the other night. The problem is, with every stitch I make, I hear a little voice saying, “This is mine… This is mine…”

While going through the pictures on my camera the other day, I found a group of about 15 that looked out of place. There were pictures of my cedar chest, the computer monitor, the desk, all strange views. Fortunately, the photographer tried out a few self-portraits.

I can’t wait to see the next group of photos she attempts. She is a wonderfully creative child that I love watching work.


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