Swimming in WIPs

I began the last few weeks determined to finish off a few of my WIPs that are threatening to take over the house. Instead, I’ve managed to start two new projects! I have worked on a few of the WIPs, but I haven’t come close to finishing them. The worst part about having older works in progress is that I don’t seem to be attracted to that particular pattern any more. I have several that I would rather frog and save or sell the yarn instead of finishing it in its current form. My poor projects are all trembling in fear, wandering if their life is hanging in the balance…

I’ve finally begun my Scarf Swap pal’s scarf. I just couldn’t find a pattern that I liked with my “teaser” yarn. I’m making it red instead. No further details until she receives it. πŸ™‚ I’m also about 60% through with my Color Splash Handbag from IK Crochet. If I didn’t have to study every evening, I would be done with this by now! It will be worth it because by May I’ll be walking away with my Bachelor’s degree.

The girls and I spent the afternoon traveling to and from Laura’s dance class. Her class is for 3-4 year olds and Laura is at least 3-4 inches taller than most of these tiny little darlings. Maddie is the height of the majority of them at her average 2 yr old terror size. I swear, there must be something in the water. My girls are average. Okay, Laura’s above average at 45″, but she’s thin and carries it gracefully, but to have Maddie the same height as these girls? Today, in her second day of class, Ms. R, brought out the hula hoops. Hula hoops and little girls would be funny alone, but these girls had their tap shoes on. Laura twirled the hoop and it fell to the ground with a thump not too much later. THEN she started wiggling her hips. Other girls would wiggle and slip in their shoes. I’m bringing the video camera next week because this stuff is too good not to share. πŸ™‚


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