Pretty in Pink

I’ve just been overcome with the desire to watch one of the great 80’s romance movies like Pretty in Pink or Sixteen Candles… Too bad the season premiere of CSI is tonight or I would watch one. There is always this weekend!

Look at my beautiful Brittany hook! I ordered it from Marlo. It arrived just in time to be the hook for my best friend’s baby blanket. She’s due with her second daughter in a few weeks. Right above the hook is a little bead dangle I’ve made. At some point it’s going to be made into a stitch marker but I’m having a little trouble making a pretty curved marker. I can make an ugly one with no problem! p.s. I’m a leftie.

So, I’ve decided to go on a massive frogging spree. All old WIPs that don’t fit in with my current crochet mood are going to be history. I’ll show before and after pics once I begin. 🙂

I finished my scarf swap’s scarf tonight. My pal said that she likes fringe, so here’s a teaser –


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