Ahh.. bliss!

I woke up this morning as if something was not right. I was well rested, it was rather light outside, and there was a small curly head snuggled next to me on the pillow. I looked at the clock – 9 am! I rolled over and snuggled Maddie closer. She’d let me sleep until 9! I can’t think of a better way to start off a week. =)

I’m making a baby afghan for my best friend back in Texas. She’s expecting her second girl on November 16th. I’m hoping she comes five days earlier for purely selfish reasons (my birthday). This afghan is worked in a square using a gorgeous cluster stitch and shells. I was so excited to start on the shells after row after row of the clusters that I didn’t read the directions right and have had to frog that entire section twice! I’ve picked up on something intriguing with my recent experience with frogging (another project had to be frogged back to 50% completion recently) – I crochet faster after frogging than I did before. I finish the section I frogged in almost half the time it took me to reach that point the first time. It’s almost tempting to frog something again to test this. Okay, it’s not that tempting!

On a separate note, Crochetville’s Winter Secret Pal sign up is approaching! Do you want to spoil a fellow crocheter with gifts and notes? Join us! Send me an email. =) Here’s the button to tempt you –


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