Temptation for Donna

I made a mad dash to Radio Shack this afternoon (story to follow crochet talk) and couldn’t pass up a trip to JoAnn’s to gaze at their new line of yarn. I can’t remember the name of the Sensations ribbon yarn but it’s gorgeous and will be bought shortly with my ebay profits (I think I should list the items before planning on where the profits are going, don’t you??). I had heard someone at Crochetville (I think Rebecca) mention Patons Voodoo and my yarn stash would not be complete without this beautiful deep brown novelty yarn.

The color is Earth and I cannot wait to make something from it because nothing enhances my beautiful brown hair and eyes than a gorgeous chocolate brown. Hey, that’s my darling husband’s opinion, I’m not getting cocky. =)

So, back to this afternoon. Before I continue, I must confess that I have an embarrassing obsession with baseball (second only to crochet) that culminates in near insanity around the first of October, so forgive me for my baseball tangent. =)The Astros game wasn’t televised, so Andy purchased it on MLB.com. I came up with the great idea to use the TV as the laptop monitor to save us from crowding the small screen. Laura and I ran up to Radio Shack to buy the cord and after a slight detour for yarn, went back home to get connected. I spent the afternoon watching the Giants & Dodgers and Astros & Rockies games on my TV/laptop while on the phone for the last inning of the Dodgers game with my mom giving her the play by play so that she could share it with the other fans around her. Thank God for unlimited weekend minutes. At least I can say that I caused a section of Houston fans to go crazy minutes before the score was updated on the field scoreboard. =)


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