A good day for shopping

The girls and I went shopping for Maddie’s Halloween costume at Target this afternoon. Andy’s firm takes a picture of the lawyers’ kids in costume every year. Being that Maddie, Laura, and Laura’s friend A are the only girls, the theme is always “superheroes”. This year the girls are rebelling and wearing something befitting girls (i.e. no more boss sucking up). Laura’s going as Sleeping Beauty (temporary solution to fact that her fairy costume is not finished being sewed) and Maddie is going to be a fairy also (bought – one handsewed costume is enough to make me see sideways). Target has a lot of black cat items out for the Halloween season. Maddie walked up to every one saying, “Mee-owww. Mee-owww.” I asked her what animal it was and as usual, she raises an eyebrow and gets the look that means “I’m not going to talk when you want me to talk. I’ll talk when I want to talk.” She’s such a boog.

I found both BHG’s Simply Creative Crochet AND Woman’s Day’s Quick & Easy Knitting & Crocheting at Target. There is no greater joy than coming home with two new magazines full of new patterns. Unfortunately, I’m beginning to have a few pains in the forearm in the evening. I’m not going to mention the dreaded “C” term but I am taking proactive measures. I picked up a brace today and will start wearing it to bed. I just have to say that I’ll be spending most of the fall and winter making the projects from these magazines. I guess that means that I need to get my butt moving finising up my current WIPs!

Donna sent me a gift certificate to Adagio Teas. I immediately ordered myself a teapot and a sample of their black teas. Check them out. šŸ™‚ I’ll post a review as soon as I receive my goodies. šŸ™‚


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