What will my mom think?

I finished the fringe on my Shell & Eyelet Shawl late Friday night and wore it to my Poli Sci class Saturday morning. The woman that I sit next next to is now unequivocally my friend because she said she loved my shawl and was impressed that I made it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite warm enough for the frigid temperatures of that room. I can always tell who’s heading to my class from the parking lot because they’re carrying a jacket or sweatshirt. So instead of reveling in my hippie shawl that would make my mom cringe (She’s not quite convinced that their return is a good thing.), I’m returning to my trusty hooded UNLV sweatshirt. I posted a picture of it sans-fringe at Crochetville, but here it is with that lovely fringey stuff. I’m trying not to think about the fact that I just took this picture at 12:30 am. I’m not a night owl, really, I’m not!


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