Study? Crochet? Study? Crochet?

It’s very hard to read a psychology book when there’s a baseball playoff game on, particularly when your hair keeps getting in your face. So, I sat down and made this from a bit of scrap fun fur.

I pretended to read again to get Laura to do a little work with her letters, but mostly watched my Astros lose Game 2. *sigh* To make myself feel better (doesn’t take much =) ) I ordered a bunch of yarn from to make a few projects. Laura wants the Ballerina outfit from Lion Brand’s free pattern section, so I ordered light pink Jiffy to make that for her to wear this winter to ballet class. I also ordered Landscapes and Patons Classic Merino to make Marlo’s new felted bag. I can’t wait for my order to come in!! =)

There’s two more weeks to sign up for Crochetville’s Secret Pals! As of today we have 16 participants. There’s no better time to spoil a fellow crocheter than during the holidays, so email me to sign up today!

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