Darjeeling or Earl Grey?

My teapot and sample teas arrived from Adagio Teas today. Thank you, Donna! Thanks to a freak 9 am UPS delivery time on a lazy Saturday morning when I chose to skip class (SHHH!!!), I greeted the nice man wearing a t-shirt, boxers and a half-naked wild child wriggling around my legs. I was able to enjoy a nice cup of tea this morning with breakfast though, which was a nice addition to my bowl of Frosted Flakes. So… back to the tea. =) I chose to try out Golden Needle, one of my black tea samplers. The tea was just to die for! So long to my past tea bag lifestyle, it really does taste better this way. I’m drinking a cup of Mambo right now.

On to crochet news, we have 21 people signed up so far for C’ville‘s Winter Secret Pals. It’s getting really exciting. Sign up continues through October 22nd. I picked up a nice big skein of RH Super Saver in Orange today to start making a few pumpkins. I’m making a bunch of little ones. Maddie thinks that they’re “bay balls” so I envision them flying around the house more than being used for decoration. I’m also working on the Chaotic Bobble Pillow from Hip to Crochet for my mother in law. For anyone who’s thinking about making it, Wool Ease is a terrific substitute for the yarn used in the book. I’m using Wool Ease Cranberry and will probably make another so that she has a matching set.

Speaking of my mother-in-law, she’s currently in Spain on a three week tour with her sister. I asked her to look for a yarn store while she was there and mentioned that a gift of yarn would be the perfect Christmas present this year for me. Andy’s aunt typically goes on a trip somewhere in the world each year and she buys all of her gifts for the family during her trips. In the past I’ve gotten a pearl necklace from China, a painted box from Russia, and earrings from Africa. She gets extra special crocheted gifts in return.


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