The greatest day EVER!

Okay, not really, but last evening was wonderful. =) My mom called yesterday to ask for help with a crochet pattern. She’s been crocheting for about six months longer than I have and taught me the basics. To have her call me and ask for help made my day. =) She also gave me this link to a cute garland pattern that I started last night just to see what it looked like. I definitely do not need another started project lying around! I’m using Red Heart in cherry red.

I found these shoes a few weeks ago. Aren’t they the cutest??? I’m thinking about getting myself a pair. (hint: click on the word “these” to see them =) )

Watch out for wandering fairies, especially this one who has a fascination with macaroni & cheese and will eat your entire supply if you’re not careful.

I can’t promise this will be my last mention of baseball (soon!), but I wanted to share this article with you – Don’t Forget About Us There’s two little teams starting a championship series tonight that deserve more airtime than the big monsters out East.


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