Meet Lambo

Lambo only had one foot attached and no ears, but the important thing is that I found my fiberfill! It was stuffed under one of my secret yarn stashes deep in the bowels of my walk in closet. Lambo is going to make his home with us instead of being a baby gift. Laura and I decided he’s too cute to go to someone else. Actually, he’ll make a great “throw at Daddy toy” when he passes his daily “Green Green Grass of Home” playing limit. He’s teaching Laura how to accompany him on her mini guitar. Anyone know of a great place to find industrial strength ear plugs???

We went to the Bite of Las Vegas this afternoon after my Poli Sci class and we had a blast! We only listened to two bands because it started to get chilly, dark, and more crowded, not a good combo for a family with two little munchkins. We saw Franky Perez and Bowling for Soup (I LOVE their “1985” because I was a complete child of the 80s), skipping out before Five for Fighting, which was hard to do because both Andy and I like a few of their songs. I love going to this because you can try foods from so many local restaurants. My favorite has got to be Gordon Biersch’s garlic fries – so deadly but so good!


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