Cutie Patootie

I finished this “jiffy” little poncho this afternoon for Laura.

I modified Janelle’s Child’s V-st poncho to fit my little amazon, adding a few rows to the width and length. (Link fixed 10/30) I used Lion Brand Jiffy in Light Pink. I was really surprised at how easy and quick this pattern works up, plus I love the rectangular poncho look. I would love to have a poncho like this, but in Berocco Suede. mmm…

I feel like I’ve accomplished so much this week! Three projects completed. It makes me think how much I could have accomplished with only one child around if I’d started crocheting a few years earlier. It boggles the mind to think about how much I could have made during my single college days! I need to be sick more often to keep my butt planted on the couch with hook and yarn. 😉 The family is back at full health! Thank you for all of the well wishes. 🙂

We went to the mall tonight to early vote. We walked in on the second level above the voting area. I looked over the ledge and thought, “Oh wow, there’s a lot of people in line!” I saw about twenty people from my view point. Then, we moved to another area and my jaw dropped. There were no less than two hundred people lined up through the mall waiting to vote. I have this cute little elementary school as my election day polling place that is staffed with the nicest people. I’ll be visiting it on Tuesday. If there’s a line on Tuesday, I’ll stand in it. Isn’t Early Voting toted as being convenient??

I posted a pic of my slippers at Crochetville, but wanted to share with my blog readers too. I used Marlo’s ribbed slipper pattern. Aren’t her patterns the greatest??


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