Yarn stash!

I spent my afternoon cleaning and reorganizing my bedroom closet, much to the dismay of my inner crochet addict. Little did she know, it was all for her! With a little bit of organization and many donation-filled trash bags later, I transformed my college bookshelf turned miscellaneous junk rack into a visible yarn stash! It’s not much to look at, but this is only the beginning. I have other yarn stashed away in secret places to rotate through. 🙂

That now empty wall was once the home of my husband’s jeans and where he’d stick his work clothes for the next day. I was expecting his first comment to be about the size of my yarn stash, but no, it was, “Where are my clothes?? You didn’t give them away did you???” He doesn’t wear close to 70% of his clothes (stuff I’ve bought and others have bought for him) and I keep threatening to list what I can on eBay and donate the rest. The scare was enough to distract him from the yarn. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. 😀

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my Christmas crochet list. I’m going to try to make a crocheted item for each of my immediate family members. Perhaps if I post it I’ll be more apt to keep myself on target.

I leave you with girlie pics from Halloween. We went to a place called Safe Streets, which is run by a local charity and sponsored by many local companies. This was our last year to go so we took our time, rode the mini-train, and left with tons of candy. Maddie was a fairy and Laura was a witch. Maddie wore the fairy costume earlier this month for Andy’s firm’s annual Halloween portrait. Laura went to the portrait sitting as a princess but thankfully, chose this whimsical witch costume later.


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