Scrabble master!

You’d think that after spending our weekdays focusing on school and work, we would relax come the weekend. Pshah on relaxing! I had birthday money burning holes in my wallet so we spent most of Saturday (after I finished one hell of an exam in my Research Methods in Political Science class) shopping at our Best of the West Shopping Center. The title completely fits the best strip mall this side of the Mississippi. We have Old Navy (stocked up on new clothes for the entire family), Borders, Jo-Ann Etc (no yarn extravaganza this time), Petsmart, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, just to name a few. There are many more. 🙂 We ended our little excursion with some shrimp at Joe’s Crab Shack. After the girlies went to bed Andy and I played Scrabble with my new Deluxe Scrabble board. Every Scrabble player needs one of these! There is nothing like twirling the board on the little turntable when it’s your turn. The final score was 235-234 in Andy’s favor and yes, I was a sore loser because he always wins! Out of the countless times we’ve played over the course of our marriage, he wins every single game. One day, victory will be MINE!

I went to Michael’s today and picked up Christmas project yarn. Laura chose purple Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick for her stocking. Sha also “made” me buy some Wool Ease in a white with silver metallic thread (can’t remember the name) to make her baby dolls scarves for winter. I think I might make her a hat and scarf set and with the scraps make at least one set for her dolls. Plus, I’ve got to get some progress on my Christmas projects! I am so close to running out of time for everything that I want to get done. Gah! I should be crocheting right now and not blogging. 🙂 I leave you with a picture of my lovely girls and the birthday flowers from my mom. 🙂


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