It’s finished! :)

Finally, about a month behind schedule, but only 8 days past her birth, I finished baby Sarah’s blanket. 🙂 My best friend’s baby girl missed my birthday by a mere seven hours. Here is her blanket (with ends that need woven in) –

A much better closeup picture of the details (look at the picot in the corner! woohoo! My first finished picot project!) –

The pattern is from the book, Afghans for All Seasons, which I picked up thanks to Donna.

I made the cutest ornaments the other day, of which I can’t go into details of because I plan to send them to my Winter Swap pals. The problem is, they are perfectly proportional to accessorize Barbies. The Barbie leader (one of the blondes, possibly a brunette (I’ve seen her behind the wheel a few times)) barbienapped my ornaments. I saw a giggling four year old “drive” the pink Jeep loaded with said Barbie (and a few stray Little People) down the hallway toward the black abyss of Barbie alley. Little does she know, my hands are skilled and will whip out a few more ornaments that will soon grace the trees of my fellow swap pals.


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