I. Am. Not. Going. To. Panic.

I have a research paper due in 57 hours and I’m procrastinating! Should I be writing it right now? Yes! Do I want to? Hell no. I’m actually cheating, in a sort of not really, but kinda way. I wrote a paper last fall on James Joyce’s Ulysses, focusing on the fight to have it published in the United States. It’s definitely more of a politically themed paper (obscenity law and copyrights are technically political – Andy thinks it’s not, I think it is, and I’m always right. :P) although in its original form, it was for my British Literature course. So, I really should be working with my new research to fill in a good two or three pages. I refuse to even start panicking about having two weeks left to cram the rest of my other classes into my overly cluttered brain.

I’m making a pillow for my mother-in-law for Christmas, the bobble pillow from Hip to Crochet, to be exact. This pillow would be finished by now if that sneaky little book hadn’t of made it’s way under the couch-that-eats-everything. I have been frantically searching every nook, cranny, and toy chest for that stinkin’ book only to find it peeking out at me today from under that evil couch that has eaten no less than four H hooks and a DVD remote. But now, I can hopefully get it finished by Christmas. 🙂 It is really a gorgeous pattern. I’m planning on making a few for myself one day, when I have more times on my hands.. ha!

I leave you with a family picture, of sorts (Andy hates being in photos), from our weekend visit to the cactus gardens at the Ethel M Chocolate factory here in Vegas.


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