Sick house

I watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban today with two very sick little girls (okay, they didn’t watch, they rested fitfully on the couch with me) and a very sick husband. A stomach virus struck at two this morning, hitting poor Maddie first. She was the first to recover and big sis and Daddy paid the price. A full day of rest gave her some monster energy and no matter how I distracted her, she tortured the two of them to no end with bounces, giggles and the like. They all went to bed early, giving me some much needed alone time to study. sigh. I would love to have written crochet instead of study. In five months I’ll be able to say crochet. 🙂 I’ve decided that I’m in desperate need of a time turner. Judging from the remaining time in this month, my flighty crocheting speed, and four final exams, I’m not sure I have the time available to finish my must-finish crochet projects. I will be officially free of school responsibilities for the semester after noon on December 18th, but my mother-in-law is arriving the next day, starting the week with the in-laws. I’ve got four inches left to crochet on her bobble pillow, which is where I’ve been devoting my almost non-existent crochet time. I’m beginning to have visions of me crocheting madly early Christmas morning!

As least I am not in my mom’s shoes. She just found out today that she has to have surgery to repair a torn tendon in her right arm. In the spring, when this happened, she thought it was either Carpal Tunnel due to work on a neverending afghan or arthritis and never went to the doctor. When she finally did, they worked on a few treatment methods, hoping that surgery would be a last resort. Well, surgery it will be and some time before Christmas. Luckily for her, she’s finished all of her crochet projects for the year. With a tendon torn completely off from where it’s supposed to be, no less!


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