I’m so happy it’s Friday! It means that Christmas Eve is only two weeks away and I can’t wait! Now that Maddie is two, both girls are just giddy about the upcoming holiday. Laura is really interested in hearing about the birth of Jesus this year, so we have read the story of the nativity several times. My dad and stepmom gave me a gorgeous Nativity set last year, which I think has sparked her interest in the story. On the other side of that, both girls are ready for Santa to come, although Laura is much more worried about the reindeer getting love (cookies of their own). She feels that reindeer are underrepresented. 😀

Although I am taking my procrastination to new limits, I am in such a good mood today! I’ve completely blown off dieting during the holidays because I’m a sucker for the good food that abounds during the holidays, but apparently, I’ve been subconciously doing the right thing because I’ve managed to lose 5 pounds! 15 more and I’m back to pre-baby weight and then another few pounds just to make me happy.

The media reader on my computer is having a brain fart, so I can’t share the photos of some of my crochet work in progress. I can share with you a photo of my gift from one of my Winter Swap pals, Rebecca. 🙂 She sent me this lovely potholder and notebook with a few cookie recipes that I’ll be making soon for the holidays!

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