Holiday Survey

I found this courtesy of Michelle.

Holiday Survey

1. Egg nog – yum or yuck?

I’m not a big fan of it, but I will drink a cup every holiday. I prefer it to be my Irish stepfather’s family recipe. 😉

2. Stay up until midnight on New Year’s?

We do stay up. 😀 I’ve been in Las Vegas, home of a humongous celebration, and I party at home. Every year we plan on driving somewhere where we can see the fireworks (shot off the roofs of hotels over the course of the Strip), but instead we walk outside and listen.

3. Prefer white or colored lights?

I came to a horrible realization last night. I am a light snob. I cannot stand houses decorated in multi-colored lights thrown together in a mishmash style, particularly the new fad for multi-colored icicle lights . I’ve tried to like them, but I’m in Vegas, everything is taken past gaudy. I prefer solid colors, mostly white, with some solids for bushes and such. Oh! Red on the pineapple (wide palm-looking tall bush) out front. The husband was in charge of wrapping the hundreds of lights around the base of that sucker.

4. Favorite holiday song.

My favorite is actually more of an Advent song, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (listen here – midi version What Child is This? is also my favorite.

5. What is your tackiest holiday decoration?

I have this gold sparkly Christmas tree that is gaudy. It’s in a spiral shape, so it has a bit of a slinky effect. The girls have a blast with it.

6. Do your kids have too much and you wonder just WHY you are getting more??

The girls do have too much. This year we made a plea to our large family to not send them toys. They have more than they need and are just as happy getting clothes or other gifts.

7. If you celebrate Christmas, when does you tree go up and come down?

We usually put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving and take it town right after New Year’s.

8. Christmas again – open gifts on Christmas eve, morning, or other?

I like the idea of one little gift on Christmas eve (a tradition in my family), but Andy won’t let us, so he has to go with us to the children’s service at church instead of the more subdued candlelight service as punishment. 😀

9. Favorite holiday tradition?

Everyone visiting wakes up to a stocking full of gifts on Christmas morning. We like to keep the child alive in all of us.

10. What do YOU want for Christmas?

I wish I could spend the holidays with our entire family. My family is going through a rough time with my aging great-grandparents, and my aunt’s father-in-law is very ill. I wish that I could be there to offer comfort.


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