I just got off the phone with my advising department telling me that I am all cleared for graduation in May. Of course, this is contingent on me finishing my classes, but as I told my mom, that’s the easy part. 🙂 After starting this quest for a college degree 10 years ago, it is such a great feeling to know that I will finally be finished. For the past four years, Andy and I have sacrificed so much to see us both finish, and if anything, it has brought us closer together. I was reading on Dawn‘s blog today how she passed the National Certificate Exam for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers. Head over there and congratulate her. As she mentions in her post, support those you know pursuing their dreams, it really does make a difference in their lives.

I haven’t had time to do any productive crocheting (soon!) but I do have pictures to share of the lovely gifts I’ve received from two Crochetville elves. I got a cute little chapstick holder and a gorgeous ball of Opal sock yarn. I’m dying to start a pair of socks, but I have two pillows to finish by next Friday. 😀


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