Tiffany does the Happy Dance

As of thirty minutes ago, the last of the visiting in-laws have left my home. Well, technically my father-in-law is still in town, but he has a tendency to stick around for a bit and calls to check in once a day. Other than that he does his own thing.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I was pleased to see that Andy bought me several things from my wishlist, including the DVD Special Edition of A & E’s Pride and Prejudice. I think I might just spend tomorrow watching it while I work on a poncho for Maddie. She wears Laura’s from breakfast to bedtime, so it is well past time for her own. I’m using a gorgeous two color stitch pattern and I can’t wait to share my progress on it. You’ll be getting a picture possibly tomorrow because I’m too relaxed right now to hunt down the camera. 🙂 I also ordered yarn to make a few of the cutest rugs for the girls’ bathroom and a fantastic bag. I’ve really got to get some pictures taken!

Now, I’m going back to enjoying the quiet of my very cluttered home and thinking about the trip I’m doomed to make to the laundromat due to waking up to a broken washing machine. Ah, and dreaming of the very possible weekend getaway to San Diego for New Year’s.


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