A felting ( or fulling, if you prefer) I will go…

I finally got my act together and finished the crocheting part of Marlo’s Country Market Felted Bag. Ack! You can definitely tell in this picture that 2 of the 6 balls I used are of a different dye lot. It just makes it look like the bottom’s a different color. See the spiral thing? It’s going to be the flower. This is what it looks like pre-sewing. 🙂

The girls and I were just flipping through our very first massive coffee table book. It’s the complete cartoons of the New Yorker (I guess as they continue it’s not technically complete, but it’s complete through the book’s publishing.) Look at this massive thing!

I’ve just made a reservation to stay this weekend in Flagstaff, AZ, and will be visiting Unravel as soon as I can on Saturday morning. This is our last chance at a weekend getaway until the end of the semester, so I did a little begging and pleading and managed to get Andy to agree that we needed it. I definitely need it. I’m feeling a definite depressive funk coming on and this trip might help me get out of the douldrums. So, I’ll be gone for the weekend and perhaps a little quiet for a bit after that. 🙂


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