I took this picture after dropping Andy off at work last Friday. To save time and get out of town faster that evening, I took him to work after lunch, picked him up at five, and we left for our trip to Flagstaff. Speaking of Flagstaff, we had a great trip! I did make it to Unravel and highly recommend anyone travelling through northern Arizona to visit. It’s spacious, has nice lighting, a great sitting room to crochet, knit, or spin in with fellow crafters, plus it has a great selection of yarn. I did purchase some, but I won’t take it out and look at it again until I’m ready to work with it. I’ve got some projects that need to be completed first so I’m keeping that beautiful bit of wool in a safe space to keep me from adding to my projects in progress.

Laura and I made a few book thongs yesterday afternoon. πŸ™‚ Laura has hers in a book, while look what happened to one of mine –

It’s keeping Andy’s place right on “Green Green Grass of Home.” (insert a groan with a hint of love)

Now I have to get back to Maddie’s poncho. I’m making her a red rectangular one and have just started on the second rectangle. She spends all day in Laura’s and is definite need of her own. πŸ™‚

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