A tile-making I will go …..

Not real, crocheted tiles of course! For the past week I’ve had this inner voice telling me that I needed another afghan around the house. I only have one that is the family afghan (the girls each have three), so this voice doesn’t visit too often. I’m doing the Morrocan Tiles afghan. I found the pattern in Crochet for Today (great eBay offer here), which I was gifted from my secret pal Chelle several months ago. You can also see the pattern here. I’ve finished two squares so far, one a night. I could probably get more than one done in a day, but I’ve only worked on them after the girls have gone to bed during our evening movie watching.

I finally finished Maddie’s poncho. Isn’t she a cutie?? 🙂 I started it on my trip to Flagstaff so just used a bit of red acrylic yarn I had around the house. She’s taken it off to bathe and go to bed, other than this, she’s worn it all day. So I see many washings in its future!

I often take the quizzes I see posted around blogs, but don’t post the results because I usually forget or babble too much about something else. Today I have to post it because I have some blue Opal sock yarn that looks just like this that really, really wants to be on the hook.

You like blue sock yarn. You are a fellow. You don't like bars, you prefer pubs.
What color of sock yarn do you prefer?

brought to you by Quizilla


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