WIP Wednesday

Let’s see what I’m working on this Wednesday….

– I’ve finally restarted my cousin’s afghan. I’m doing stripes in black, dark green, and camoflauge in a rectangle granny (pattern).

– A lacy poncho for my best friend’s daughter, not started yet, but will tonight.

– I’m restarting the hat for my hat swap partner. I’m having difficulty finding the “perfect” pattern…

– I just remembered that I have a sock started around here some place… I was showing it off at Christmas and I don’t know where it is now.

– I need to finish my mother-in-law’s pillow. I’ve got the bobble part finished. I showed it to her at Christmas and she “ordered” me to finish it because she loved the pattern so much.

– I have two squares done for my afghan. I’ve put it aside until I finish my cousin’s afghan.

– A shawl for my mom using a special pattern. She might not ever be able to crochet again after her arm surgery, so I want to get this too her.

I think that’s it! I’m not making any promises though!!

And I leave you with a picture of Laura cooking dinner the other night. We made creamy chicken and served it in those huge Grands biscuits. mmmm!! 🙂


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